tourists gathered in Turkey insurers recommend to buy protection against terrorism


Insurers are preparing to resume charter flights to Turkey, which until 2015 was a favorite destination for Russians. According to the survey of insurers, conducted by the agency “Interfax-AFI” in the policy of the sales policies for traveling abroad almost nothing has changed. Forecasts for the restoration of the tourist flow to Turkey for 2017 – positive. However, all interviewed insurers recommend to tourists from the Russian Federation to acquire additional insurance coverage for the risk of “terrorism.”


Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR) on Monday, August 29 reported that the first charter flights to Turkey after the abolition of restrictions will take place in early September. As stated by the association in STC “Intourist”, the first program “Moscow – Antalya” to be performed five times a week on Turkish Airlines flights to late October. In addition, one of the first tour operators charter flights to Turkey will resume “TUI Russia”.

Until August 28 flights between Russia and Turkey was limited: two countries only airlines operate regular flights, while charter were banned. This is one of the sanctions measures adopted by the Russian Federation after the incident with the Russian Su-24 bomber, shot down the Turkish Air Force 24 November last year. On Sunday, August 28, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has signed a decree lifting the ban on charter flights to Turkey.

According to ATOR, in 2014 Turkey was visited by 4.5 million Russians in 2015 – more than 3 million people. For seven months of 2016 the number of Russian tourists in Antalya, the main Turkish resort, decreased by 97% compared to the same period last year.

“Ingosstrakh” (MOEX: INGS) has traditionally been a leader in the insurance of traveling to Turkey Russians. During the first half of last year, the company has insured a total of about 1.5 million tourists, while during the same period this year -. 500 thousand only reason for these changes is including the closure of important tourist destinations – Turkey and Egypt, the company said.

Since the introduction of the “moratorium” on the flights to Turkey, some changes have taken place in 2015, including the adoption of the amendments to the Russian legislation in the field of tourism, reminded the deputy chief of security control traveling drilldown “Ingosstrakh” Larysa Antonova.

“In December 2015, shortly after the” closing “of Turkey, came into force a new version of the law” About bases of tourist activity “is now the minimum amount of insurance cover for traveling abroad -.. 2 million rubles in” Ingosstrakh “sum insured in the policy going abroad is $ 40 thousand or 40 thousand euros.. “- she said,” Interfax-AFI “.

“In addition, after the legislative adjustment of standard policy going abroad now covers the risks of exacerbation of chronic diseases. Previously, it was not considered an insured event. Except for this, the policy of sale of insurance policies in Turkey, the company” Ingosstrakh “has not changed and will not change in the near future “- said the representative of” Ingosstrakh “.

She recalled that “right now the policies for traveling abroad continue to cover medical costs for inpatient and outpatient care, medical transportation costs and costs of repatriation in case of death. It is also possible to additionally insure the luggage and risk his own recognizance.”

However, not all insurers that sell policies to tourists feel narrowing customer base after the introduction of the ban on flights to Turkey. Thus, the representative of the UK “Alpha Insurance” (MOEX: ALFS) noted that Turkey was not a “fad” for the insurer before. Director of the Unit of Marketing Department “Medicine” of Yegor Safrygin said portfolio insurance going abroad in the company “diversified among tour operators and independent travelers, it allows you to be independent from individual tourist destinations, not to accumulate geographic risks, and therefore to the company’s portfolio have little effect changes in the segment of traveling to Turkey. ”

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