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Apart from this way, you can get a fast and very simple obtain to these options when very long clicking on any AdGuard notification and selecting “All classes” . Alright, you might be in the ideal area.

Now you can see six various groups, which are proven on the still left part of the adhering to screenshot. Each group includes specific notifications sort:Protection Position (a long-lasting notification with the app safety status and filtering figures) License Status (notifications about your license position alterations) Updates (notifications about new software and filters updates) Outbound proxy (a permanent notification with the outbound proxy status) Firewall (notifications that enable you manage network access) Other (notifications about significant problems, logging, conflicts with other apps and so on. ).

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They are all enabled by default. You can personalize the options of each and every classification (seem at the suitable aspect of the earlier mentioned screenshot) – alter its Great importance status, set any supported audio of notifications, choose regardless of whether notifications should vibrate your mobile phone or not, etc.

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In scenario you make your mind up that some notifications are completely not important for you, you can disable the respective class(ies). As stated, you can also decide on the Significance standing which will allow you give each notification category the precedence required. Be sure to look at the screenshot. Please take note, that beginning from Android 9 “Value” renamed to “Conduct”There are four statuses to decide on from:Urgent (notifications will make audio and pop up on display screen) Substantial (notifications will make audio) Medium (notifications will make no seem) Lower (notifications will make no seem and give no visible interruption). Please note: you can not empower the vibration for those people notifications whose Important status is established as Medium or Low.

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We do hope these notification groups will aid you kind through all the AdGuard notifications and allow you get pleasure from using our item without the need of pointless distractions. Android 7 and older.

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For people who have devices on Android 7 and older AdGuard has also some beneficial solutions for controlling notifications. First of all, you can open up gadget options – Options → Notifications → AdGuard or Configurations → Applications → AdGuard → Notifications – and activate the subsequent possibilities if needed:Show silently – indicates that notifications will not make seem, vibrate or peek into perspective On the lock display screen – means that notifications’ written content will be shown on the lock display screen Override Do Not Disturb – this choice lets notifications go on interrupting when Do Not Disturb is established to Priority OnlyrnOr you can disable all AdGuard notifications (what we would not advise you to do) by deciding upon “Block all” choice.

Besides, you can take care of the notification of safety standing in AdGuard Common Options ( AdGuard → Configurations → Normal → Notification icon ). Here you can select from the solutions:Default icon (which implies that you will see not only notification but also a notification icon in the leading of the monitor) Notification devoid of icon (you will see only notification with out the icon) None (you will see neither notification nor icon)Please observe: if the icon is eliminated, Android can cease AdGuard functioning any time. That is why we do not advise you to pick “None” selection. Please use “Notification devoid of icon” instead. A far more protected way to browse the web.

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