Our spending on Samui or how much a month’s worth of living on a paradise island


This article will tell you about our expenses for the month of life on Samui, perhaps someone who’s going to come here specifically (or generally in Thailand) for the winter, it will help to plan a trip around the budget.

Why do about? Because all requests are too different, they differ in how different people, so even in the same person depending on the purpose (a short vacation or wintering).

We have already published an article about how much we spend on Tae example Phangan. It happened 2 years ago, and that is surprising, but since then the prices have not changed in Thailand, except that 5-10 percent on certain types of services, and products / goods remained virtually unchanged. How much cost mango in season and off-season – exactly the same layout and now; Rental Home, bike, laundry – all for the same price, even in the same cafes where we were two years ago, prices have not changed.