The bridge across the river. Elga in Yakutia will restore in two phases

Planning the road P-504 “Kolyma” by the bridge over the river Elga (868 km) in area restore Oimyakon in two stages.
This was announced on August 7 telephone conference the deputy head of the Federal Road Agency Igor Astakhov.

The reconstruction of the entrance to the bridge over the river continues Elga. Now the movement is organized for all vehicles on the reverse pattern. The workers are engaged in the expansion of the roadway and the dumping of solid rock to protect the structure. Experts plan to conduct the work in two phases. At the first stage it is planned to complete all repair work. The second phase will bring the condition of the site to the standards, and to take measures to prevent possible accidents, because the season of autumn rains soon, the press service of the Federal Road Agency.

Also the road workers inspect the underwater part of the support for their reliability, and finally find out the details of a recent accident, to prevent this in the future. You must be restored embankment cones and sea defenses.